Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Shortage of Pumpkins for the Northeast

Prepare yourself Linus, it is the Great Pumpkin shortage of 2011!

I know, Mabon is just a week away and here I am talking about Samhain but this is serious folks.

Thanks to Hurricane Irene, flooded fields of pumpkins are rotting on the ground. That means you can count on fewer pumpkins costing more. But all is not lost.

Remember that the pumpkin is a North American tradition. Turnips were the Jack O'Lantern of choice in Ireland and Britain before the great potato famine brought some of the Hallowe'en traditions over. But I'll talk more about that as we approach Samhain -- my personal favorite time of year.

For now, keep in mind that if you are looking for a pumpkin, you might be well served to go shopping a little early this year for the best selection. It could be pretty slim pickings closer to the big night.

And if you want to get your creative witch on, try something new (or old) this year. Go traditional and pull out a nice turnip, squash or sweet potato. Or maybe you can create a wonderful fruit salad for your celebrations while you carve out your own special Jacks! Try a watermelon, a canteloupe, pineapples, honeydews, apples, bananas and even grapes.

Who says we need pumpkins? We are witches! We can make our magick out of anything we can find!

And for those who prefer their pumpkins in pies rather than alight, canned pumpkins are not in danger. Libby's (who produce 85% of the canned pumpkin sold in the US) announced that their crop is just fine. Not like 2009 where a can of pumpkin was going for $7 on eBay.

Whatever you decide on, have a wonderful Samhain and enjoy the magick.